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Gülnezer Bextiyar, born in Ürümqi, Xinjiang, is a Chinese actress. She attended Xinjiang Arts University, majoring in dancing when she was young. At the age of 16, she participated in a modeling contest where she took home the award for the “Most Photogenic”. Gulnazar auditioned for the Beijing Film Academy in 2011. During the audition, her unique appearance received attention and her photos were taken and published online. Due to the exposure, she was discovered and signed on by Tangren Media.

(Source: Wikipedia)

First Name: Gülnezer
Family Name: Bextiyar
Native name: گۈلنەزەر بەختىيار
Also Known as: Gǔlì Nàzhā, Coulee Nazha, Gu Li Na Zha, Guli Nazha, 古力娜扎, 娜扎, Coulee Nazha, 芭比娜, Gulinazhaer Baihetiyaer, Gulnazar, Nazha, Gülnezer Bextiyar
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Born: May 2, 1992

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