Fan Rui – Water Margin

混世魔王樊瑞 - 《水浒传》

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“Fan Rui (樊瑞)” is a character in the classic Chinese novel “The Water Margin” written by Shi Naian during the Ming dynasty.

Fan Rui is one of the 108 outlaws who gather at Liangshan Marsh to form a rebel army to overthrow the corrupt government and the unjust rule of the powerful. He is known for his intelligence and quick-wittedness.

Fan Rui is one of the leaders of the Liangshan outlaws and is respected by his peers. He is a talented strategist and is able to come up with clever plans to outwit their enemies. He is also a skilled fighter and is able to hold his own in battles.

Despite his abilities and contributions, Fan Rui is not a ruthless or violent person. He is known for his kindness and his compassion towards his fellow outlaws and the people they help. He is a firm believer in justice and fairness, and he is willing to risk his life to defend these principles.

In the end, Fan Rui and the other Liangshan outlaws are granted amnesty by the emperor and become loyal followers of the government. Fan Rui continues to serve the imperial court and is appointed as an official in charge of pacifying the province.

Overall, Fan Rui is a well-rounded character who possesses both intelligence and bravery. He is a valuable member of the Liangshan outlaws and his contributions to their cause are significant.

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