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简雍 - 《三国演义》

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Jian Yong, also known as Zifang, was a historical figure and a character in the Chinese novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” He was a trusted advisor to Liu Bei, one of the central figures in the novel, and played a key role in many of Liu Bei’s campaigns. Jian Yong was known for his intelligence, loyalty, and diplomatic skills.

Jian Yong was born in Nanyang, which is located in present-day Henan Province. He was well-educated and had a reputation for his intelligence and knowledge of military strategy. Jian Yong initially served as an official in the Han court, but he was forced to flee when the court was taken over by the warlord Dong Zhuo.

After leaving the court, Jian Yong joined Liu Bei’s army and became one of his most trusted advisors. He played a key role in many of Liu Bei’s campaigns, including the Battle of Changban, where he helped Liu Bei and his army escape from the pursuing forces of Cao Cao.

Jian Yong was known for his diplomatic skills and his ability to negotiate alliances with other warlords. He played a key role in forming an alliance between Liu Bei and Sun Quan, the ruler of the southeastern kingdom of Wu, which helped Liu Bei to establish a foothold in the region.

Jian Yong was also involved in several of Liu Bei’s political and administrative initiatives. He helped to establish the Shu Han government, which was one of the three states that emerged during the Three Kingdoms period. Jian Yong also played a key role in the selection of Liu Bei’s successors, including Liu Shan, who became the second emperor of Shu Han.

Jian Yong’s loyalty to Liu Bei was unwavering throughout his life. He was one of the few advisors who remained with Liu Bei during his early struggles, and he continued to support him even when it seemed that Liu Bei’s cause was doomed. Jian Yong was deeply respected by Liu Bei, who referred to him as “a true friend” and “a valuable asset.”

Jian Yong’s character in “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” is portrayed as a wise and loyal advisor who provides valuable counsel to Liu Bei. He is often depicted as a calm and reserved figure who is able to think deeply about the challenges facing Liu Bei and his army. His diplomatic skills and his ability to negotiate alliances with other warlords are also highlighted in the novel.

Overall, Jian Yong was a key figure in the rise of Liu Bei and the establishment of the Shu Han government. His intelligence, loyalty, and diplomatic skills made him a valuable asset to Liu Bei, and his legacy continues to be celebrated in Chinese culture and literature.

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