Li He: Prelude to the KongHou of Li Ping ~ 《李凭箜篌引》 李贺 with English Translations

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《李凭箜篌引》 李贺


Prelude to the KongHou of Li Ping
Li He

Silk of Wu, wutong of Shu and the expanse of autumn high,
Hollow mountains, frozen clouds and stunted water flow.
Jiang E weeps over bamboos, and Su Nü groans,
Li Ping, in central China, is playing the Konghou.
Jade shatters on Kunlun Mountains, and phoenixes shriek,
Lotuses crying dews, and scented orchids smile,
In front of the twelve gates, the icy light thaws.
Twenty-three strings enthuse the Purple Emperor.
Where Nüwa tempers stones to repair the sky,
The stones break, Heaven in shock, and tickle the autumn rain.
Dreaming of entering the Fairy Mount to instruct the Fairy Mom,
Old fish jumping waves, and wiry dragons dancing round.
Wu Zhi, unable to sleep, leans rapt against the osmanthus tree.
The legs of dew, with side-kicks, wet the rabbit cold.

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