Lü Meng – Romance of the Three Kingdoms

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Lü Meng” is a character in the Chinese classic novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. He was a military general during the late Eastern Han dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period of China.

Lü Meng was born in the present-day Jiangsu province and was known for his intelligence and cunning. He first served as a minor official in the state of Wu, but eventually rose to prominence as a general under the warlord Sun Quan.

Lü Meng was known for his strategic and tactical brilliance, and he quickly became one of Sun Quan’s most trusted advisors. He played a key role in several major battles, including the Battle of Jiangxia, where he successfully defeated a much larger enemy force.

Lü Meng was also known for his diplomatic skills and was able to forge alliances with other states, which helped to secure the stability and prosperity of Wu. He was highly respected by both his fellow officials and his soldiers, and was said to have been a kind and just leader.

In “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, Lü Meng is depicted as a loyal and cunning general who was instrumental in securing Sun Quan’s dominance in southern China. He is remembered as one of the greatest military figures of the Three Kingdoms period and is still celebrated as a hero in Chinese folklore and popular culture.

Despite his successes and contributions to the state of Wu, Lü Meng is perhaps best remembered for his surprise attack on the kingdom of Shu, which led to the capture of the Shu general Guan Yu. This bold move was a decisive turning point in the struggle for control of China and solidified Sun Quan’s position as a major power in the Three Kingdoms.

In conclusion, Lü Meng was a skilled military strategist and a loyal and respected leader who played a crucial role in the Three Kingdoms period of China. His legacy has been remembered for over a thousand years and continues to inspire new generations of Chinese people.

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