Na-lan Hsing-te: Tune: “Autumn Waters” ~ 《秋水·听雨》 纳兰性德 with English Translations

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《秋水·听雨》 纳兰性德



Tune: “Autumn Waters”
Listening to Rain
Na-lan Hsing-te

Who claims one needs wine to dispel grief?
Upon sobering up, my heart becomes intoxicated.
Just then the fragrance dissolves from the kingfisher quilt.
Across the screen, I’m startled to listen:
Drop after drop, threads of rain, mixed with tears.
I recall the time I snuffed out the candles by a dark window,
A light nap, and a dream of loveliness just formed,
Then awakened again and again—
A pair of eyes brimming with tears.

The same as in the old says, amid the buzzing of crickets—
A low lamp glows, then dims;
How can I sleep?
Pondering on my life’s footprints several years past
The storm waves higher than my head—
All that I needed was a glance from her beneath blossoms;
To press close to her tall dressed hair before the lamp;
I asked when we could again share together
The taste of night rain on vacant stairs.

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