Sima Hui – Romance of the Three Kingdoms

司马徽 - 《三国演义》

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Sima Hui” is a character from the novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” in Chinese literature. It is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature and is considered a historical classic.

“Sima Hui” was a hermit and a scholar who lived in the state of Shu during the late Eastern Han dynasty and Three Kingdoms period of China. He was known for his wisdom and intelligence, and was highly respected by the people of Shu.

In the novel, Sima Hui is depicted as a reclusive scholar who lived in isolation from the world. Despite his solitude, he was known for his great wisdom and intelligence, and many people sought his counsel. He was considered to be one of the greatest sages of his time, and was held in high esteem by the people of Shu.

Sima Hui was also a close friend and advisor to Liu Bei, the founder of Shu. He was often called upon by Liu Bei to offer his wisdom and advice, and he played a critical role in many of the battles and campaigns that Shu fought against its enemies. He was known for his strategic acumen, and was respected by all who knew him for his integrity and wisdom.

In the novel, Sima Hui is also depicted as a man of great compassion and kindness. He was known for his generosity and for his willingness to help others, and he was loved and respected by all who knew him. He was a true scholar and sage, and his words of wisdom continue to inspire and guide people to this day.

Overall, “Sima Hui” is a highly revered and respected character in the novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” He is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, compassion, and integrity, and his story continues to captivate and inspire readers to this day. The lessons and values that Sima Hui embodies are as relevant today as they were in ancient China, and he remains one of the most beloved and respected characters in Chinese literature.

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