Sun Qian – Romance of the Three Kingdoms

孙乾 - 《三国演义》

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Sun Qian is a historical figure and a character in the novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” He served as an advisor to the warlord Liu Bei, and played an important role in his military and political affairs. Here is a brief explanation of Sun Qian in English.

Sun Qian was a scholar from the Donghai Commandery in the Eastern Han Dynasty. He was known for his knowledge of Confucianism and his ability to write essays. He became a follower of Liu Bei, who was then a minor warlord in the region, and served as his advisor.

Sun Qian was one of Liu Bei’s most trusted advisors, and he helped Liu Bei to establish his political and military power in the region. He was also responsible for negotiating alliances with other warlords, and he played a key role in Liu Bei’s victory in the Battle of Red Cliffs.

Sun Qian was known for his loyalty and his ability to give good advice. He was respected by Liu Bei and his other advisors, and was often consulted on important matters. Sun Qian was also known for his humility, and he never sought personal gain or glory.

In the novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” Sun Qian is portrayed as a wise and virtuous advisor. He is often depicted giving Liu Bei advice, and is shown as being able to anticipate his lord’s needs and desires. Sun Qian is also shown as being highly respected by Liu Bei’s other advisors, and is often consulted on important matters.

One famous episode involving Sun Qian in the novel is when Liu Bei’s army was trapped at Changban. Sun Qian volunteered to stay behind and distract the pursuing enemy soldiers, allowing Liu Bei and his army to escape. Sun Qian was captured by the enemy, but was later rescued by Liu Bei.

In conclusion, Sun Qian was an important historical figure and a prominent character in “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” He was known for his loyalty, wisdom, and humility, and played a key role in Liu Bei’s political and military affairs.

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