Tai Shi Ci – Romance of the Three Kingdoms

太史慈 - 《三国演义》

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Tai Shi Ci” is a fictional character from the novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” He is a general and strategist who served under the warlord Liu Bei during the late Eastern Han dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period of China.

Tai Shi Ci was known for his bravery, cunning, and intelligence on the battlefield. He was considered one of Liu Bei’s top advisors and was instrumental in helping Liu Bei establish his rule in the Shu Han kingdom. Tai Shi Ci’s strategic skills were particularly noteworthy, and he was often called upon to lead the army into battle.

One of the most famous stories about Tai Shi Ci is the Battle of Chang Ban. In this battle, Liu Bei was being pursued by the enemy general Cao Cao, and Tai Shi Ci was tasked with leading the rear guard to protect Liu Bei and his family as they fled. Despite being vastly outnumbered, Tai Shi Ci managed to hold off the enemy and buy enough time for Liu Bei to escape. He was eventually surrounded and killed, but his bravery and sacrifice allowed Liu Bei to live and continue his struggle for power.

Tai Shi Ci was also known for his loyalty to Liu Bei. He remained faithful to his lord even in the face of adversity and never wavered in his commitment to helping Liu Bei achieve his goals. His unwavering loyalty was one of the factors that helped to establish Liu Bei’s rule in Shu Han and made Tai Shi Ci a beloved figure among the people.

In conclusion, Tai Shi Ci was a remarkable character in the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” He was a great warrior, strategist, and advisor who was known for his bravery, cunning, and loyalty. He played a critical role in the establishment of the Shu Han kingdom and his legacy continues to be celebrated in Chinese literature and culture.

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