Wu family – Romance of the Three Kingdoms

吴氏 - 《三国演义》

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The “Wu family” is a fictional family featured in the Chinese classical novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. The novel is set in the late Eastern Han dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period of China, and covers a period of about 100 years, from the end of the Han dynasty to the end of the Three Kingdoms era.

The Wu family was one of the three major warlord factions that emerged during the Three Kingdoms period, along with the Shu Han and the Wei kingdoms. The Wu kingdom was based in the southeastern part of China, and was known for its strong navy and powerful navy-based economy.

The founder of the Wu kingdom was Sun Jian, a powerful warlord and military general who rose to prominence during the late Eastern Han dynasty. Sun Jian was succeeded by his son, Sun Ce, who continued to expand the power and influence of the Wu kingdom. Sun Ce was eventually succeeded by his younger brother, Sun Quan, who became the first emperor of the Wu kingdom.

Throughout the Three Kingdoms period, the Wu kingdom was ruled by a succession of powerful and capable rulers, who maintained their independence and resisted attempts by the other kingdoms to conquer and absorb them. The Wu kingdom was known for its military prowess and its ability to adapt to changing circumstances, and was respected by its enemies and allies alike.

One of the most famous figures in the Wu kingdom was Zhou Yu, a talented military strategist and general who played a crucial role in the kingdom’s military campaigns. Zhou Yu was a close friend and advisor to Sun Quan, and was known for his brilliant tactical abilities and his strategic vision.

Another important figure in the Wu kingdom was Lu Su, a diplomat and strategist who played a key role in establishing and maintaining the kingdom’s relationships with other nations and factions. Lu Su was known for his wisdom and his ability to find diplomatic solutions to even the most difficult problems.

In conclusion, the Wu family was an important and influential family in Chinese history, known for their military prowess, political acumen, and unwavering sense of duty. They remain an important part of Chinese cultural heritage, and are remembered as one of the three major warlord factions of the Three Kingdoms period.

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