Xin Qiji: To the Mid-Autumn Moon—To the Tune of Mulanhuaman ~ 《木兰花慢》 辛弃疾with English Translations

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《木兰花慢》 辛弃疾




To the Mid-Autumn Moon—To the Tune of Mulanhuaman

Mid-autumn festival. We had been drinking overnight until the dawn was breaking. My friends said there had been poems to greet the rising moon, but none to see a setting one off. So I wrote this piece, in the form of Questioning Heaven.

You, the lovely Moon, where are you heading,
on this lonely journey of yours?
Is there another world,
to greet you rising in the East?
Out in the space, vast and void, only
that generous wind escort you
to deliver the festivity?
You, rootless like a flying mirror,
who holds you up in the sky?
And who provides for the Goddess,
since she refuses to marry again?

Why should you make your trip through the ocean?
Without an answer, I am so worried.
In case those gigantic whales knock you down,
with all your delicate palaces,
in their careless dives?
The Toad is said to be a good swimmer,
but what about the Jade Rabbit?
And if everyone comes out safe and sound,
why should you pine away so?

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