Zhang Bao – Romance of the Three Kingdoms

张苞 - 《三国演义》

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Zhang Bao” is a character in the classical Chinese novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” He is the second son of the legendary general and warlord Zhang Fei, who served under the warlord and eventual emperor Liu Bei during the late Eastern Han dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period of China.

In the novel, Zhang Bao is depicted as a brave and capable warrior who follows in the footsteps of his father. He is known for his martial skills and his bravery in battle, and he is respected by his fellow soldiers for his courage and devotion to his cause. Despite his youth, Zhang Bao is depicted as being a capable and effective commander, and he quickly rises through the ranks to become one of Liu Bei’s most trusted lieutenants.

Despite his many positive attributes, Zhang Bao is also depicted as being impulsive and sometimes prone to making rash decisions. Despite this, he is highly valued by Liu Bei for his bravery and martial skills, and he is often called upon to lead important missions and battles.

One of the most memorable battles in which Zhang Bao took part was the Battle of Xuzhou, in which he faced off against the powerful warlord Sun Quan and his forces. Despite being heavily outnumbered, Zhang Bao and his fellow soldiers fought bravely and managed to hold their ground against Sun Quan’s army.

In the end, Zhang Bao died of illness, but his legacy lived on through his father and his brother, who continued to serve Liu Bei with distinction. Zhang Bao is considered to be one of the most interesting and complex characters in “Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” and he continues to be a popular figure among fans of the novel. He is remembered for his bravery, martial skills, and devotion to his cause, and he remains an important figure in Chinese history and literature.

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