Zhang Wei: A Plum’s Early Blossoms ~ 《早梅》 张渭 with English Translations

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《早梅》是唐代诗人张谓创作的一首七绝。和其它咏梅诗不同,这首诗着重写出了“早”字,“早”指梅花开放之早。全诗通过转折交错、首尾照应的笔法,从似玉非雪、近水先发的梅花着笔,写出了早梅的形神,同时也写出了诗人探索寻觅的认识过程,并且透过表面, 写出了诗人与寒梅在精神上的契合。

《早梅》 张渭


A Plum’s Early Blossoms
By Zhang Wei

All its branches in cold air looking like white jade,
A plum stands by a brook bridge far from village road.
Knowing not the brook water makes it early bloom,
I take the plum blossoms for the winter’s left snow.

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