Zheng Tianshou – Water Margin

白面郎君郑天寿 - 《水浒传》

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Zheng Tianshou is a fictional character in Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels in Chinese literature. Nicknamed “Fair-skinned Gentleman”, he ranks 74th among the 108 Stars of Destiny and 38th among the 72 Earthly Fiends. Wikipedia
Played by: Liu Liwei, Gao Hai
Simplified Chinese: 郑天寿
Traditional Chinese: 鄭天壽

Zheng Tianshou is a fictional character from the classic Chinese novel “Water Margin,” also known as “Outlaws of the Marsh.” He is a skilled martial artist and one of the 108 outlaws who join the rebel group at Mount Liang.

Zheng Tianshou’s background is not well fleshed out in the novel, but it is mentioned that he was a former imperial bodyguard who was dismissed from his post after being falsely accused of a crime. He then became a wandering martial artist, honing his skills and seeking revenge against those who had wronged him.

Zheng Tianshou is known for his exceptional martial arts abilities, particularly his skill with the staff. He is often called upon to lead the outlaws in battles against the government forces, and he is instrumental in several key victories.

In addition to his combat skills, Zheng Tianshou is also known for his loyalty to his fellow outlaws. He is a trusted member of the group, and he often puts himself in harm’s way to protect his comrades.

One of Zheng Tianshou’s most notable moments in the novel occurs during a battle against the government forces. The outlaws are ambushed and heavily outnumbered, and many of them are captured or killed. However, Zheng Tianshou manages to fight his way through the enemy ranks and escape with several of his comrades. He then leads a daring mission to rescue the other captured outlaws, demonstrating his bravery and strategic thinking.

Despite his many contributions to the outlaw band, Zheng Tianshou is not a major player in the novel. He is not involved in any of the major plotlines, and his character is not developed to the same extent as some of the other outlaws.

However, Zheng Tianshou’s role as a skilled martial artist and loyal friend to his fellow outlaws make him a beloved character among readers. His bravery and loyalty serve as a reminder of the importance of standing up for what is right and fighting for one’s beliefs.

In conclusion, Zheng Tianshou is a skilled martial artist and loyal member of the outlaw band in “Water Margin.” His exceptional combat skills and unwavering loyalty to his comrades make him a valuable member of the group, and his legacy continues to inspire readers today. His story serves as a reminder of the importance of standing up for what is right and fighting for justice, even in the face of adversity.

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